General Meeting Minutes

Date:  10/9/2019

Food was served, meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance was said.

1 Reading of Minutes:  Minutes from 9/11/19 General Mtg. were read. No corrections.  Minutes from 9/25/19 board meeting were read.  Correction on statement about free vouchers for all Knapps.  None for Betty and Ted.

2 Presentation of Resolutions:  None

3 Officer Reports:

Treasurer's Report:  No report / treasurer.  Balance on hand ~$19000.    $10k should be moved into groomer barn account.  Not many expenses coming up in near future.

Safety Officer Report: Position is still open but Ron Campbell agreed to help out.  If anyone else is interested in helping out let us know.

Trail Master's Report:  No report / Trail master.  We do have to move road crossing at Greenwood Farms per Tim.  Not sure to where.   We have minor issue at Tracey road.  Town isn't happy with some of the things we have done.   Need to get going on staking / signs, but corn removal and manuring is late.  We can do stop signs at roads.

Assistant Trail Master's Report:  No report / Assist Trail Master.  Kevin checked with Dave Gillis, supposed to contact us shortly when he is ready to put in culverts.  Do have a major issue to resolve in Delphi Falls with Vanerden property and new seedings.  There is a drifting issue with where trail was moved on Pringles property and we need to find out why it was moved.  Most people will cut corner anyway.

Vice President's Report:  No report / President.

President's Report:  Nothing because county meetings moved to after our monthly meetings.

4 Committee Reports:  No committee reports.

5 Old Business:     None

6 New Business:    Dave Knapp stopped in and asked if we were coming to work Apple Festival vendor parking.  We informed him we hadn't planned on it.  Russ volunteered and Ron agreed to help.  Maybe Tim H. will help.  No issues with County reimbursement.  Dave asked people to come out and vote.  Oneida County Legislature voted to setup a snowmobile season in the county.  Wasn't sure why.  Question was asked about Heritage Hills trail.  Need to stop there and find out if it got cleared.  Need to figure out where to have board meetings, as Knoxies now has Trivia night on Wednesday.   This next meeting will be at the groomer barn on 23rd.  Bring some chairs.   Question asked "Are we renting a tractor / brush hog this year?"  Assume yes.
Club Activities:  Steak bake fundraiser on Nov 2.  $16  Safety class during the day.  Not doing head count anymore.  Ordered 225 steaks.  Haven't run out before.  Get the word out and Eugene gave out some posters to put up.

7 Payment of Bills:   No treasurer, so no bills paid.

8 Adjournment:  Meeting was adjourned.


Board Meeting Minutes

Date:  9/25/2019

Food was provided at end of meeting.  Had a couple members attend along with the board members.

Secretary:  No minutes were read, see website.

Trail Coordinator:  Need to find out about new owner of Zink property.  Newton is on board to help out with Highland excavation work when we get permission / timing.  Some discussion on various work needed.

Assistant Trailmaster:  Still need to get Gillis to put in culverts.

Vice President: No report

President: No report

Treasurer:  Current Balance $21,471. Bills were paid.

Old Business:  Landowner database was updated.  Free vouchers and Insurance certificates were printed.  Envelopes, Pancake tickets and stamps were procured.  Bulk of the meeting was spent stuffing envelopes.  Have a few issues to resolve for next year due to changes and landowner deaths & ownership changes.  Need to remove "&amp" from insurance certificate for Voice.  Need to add free voucher for Vilardi.  Need to change address on insurance certificate for Smithgall.  Need to add insurance certificate for Petter Skinner.    Remove free voucher for Fred Rose.  Palmer was removed from the list last year as they moved.  Remove wife Helen from John (Jack) Newton as she passed.  Remove G. Magolzivk from database as we hav no owner/address now.  There is no Ben & Jen Martino, should be Robert.  Add free vouchers to all the Knapps.  Change Marie Dow to Eric.

New Business:  None


General Meeting Minutes

Date: 9/11/2019

Food was served, meeting was called to order and Pledge of Allegiance was said. We had one Truxton member attend the meeting.

1 Reading of Minutes: Minutes from 4/10/19 General Mtg. were read. No corrections.

2 Presentation of Resolutions: None

3 Officer Reports:
Treasurer's Report: No treasurer. Have bills from the summer for paint, bear claws and grouser bar parts, etc. ~$2000. Balance on hand ~$26000 prior. Discussed some desired excavation work / possible expenses on various trails. We never moved any money into separate accounts for new groomer barn or new groomer.

Safety Officer Report: Position is still open. There will be a class done by Onondaga County on 11/2/19 prior to kickoff dinner. Should handle 35 kids. Question about duties of SO, so it was explained what safety officer does and requirements. Also, Toad Hollow is doing one 12/21/19.

Trail Master's Report: We did pretty good job with items on the list with support on the work day and other help. Drags got painted and 2 were put in the other barn. Russ completed winch bracket and anchor, then Tim welded them. Also, Russ made a box for them, which is in back of gator. Russ painted the 225 new stakes, added reflectors and stacked them. Ordered $500 of signs. Ordered pieces for making 12 grouser bars. $400 each to purchase, but we will spend under $100 each to make them. They are about 50% done. Bought gates for Walt Dixon's. He is having health issues, so Brian will contact him to get status. Also, Brian will contact Todd Shute about work on Connors property. Culverts are best, would need to order. Need to call 811 as AT&T cable is in there. Need to get OK from 3 landowners. Also, there is a short culvert to the south. Work required in Highland too. Need to touch base with D. Newton first to quote, then Todd Shute if required. Tim painted bottom of groomer barn and fuel tank. Need to get insurance certificates, vouchers and labels printed. Steve Zink died, no one knows what is going on. Ok on Hills / RT80 as house didn't get built yet. Tim mowed a couple fields for good PR. May be a reroute issue in Delphi so there was some discussion on possibilities. Need envelopes and stamps. Gator and Scandvik are in good shape.

Assistant Trail Master's Report: Culverts still need to be put in on S53. Need to check with Dave Gillis."
Vice President's Report: Will look into status of Zink's property. Need keys for gates.
President's Report: Four members (Eugene, Mickey, Russ, Gary) went to the forum. New VP for NYSSA. For GPSing they now have a cell phone app. Also, there will be a cell phone app for NYSSA interactive map. Russ and Tim can open / close our trails on the map. About half the clubs still don't update it. On the parks side, Bennett left for another job. McFarland on medical leave. Nicole is green. Phase 3 hasn't been done. Our trail reroutes and unfunded trails were all submitted to be funded trails. There will be like a $4.95 charge for ITM app. Recapped the raffle results. Friend of Eugene's won 3rd place Polaris sled, but took 6 weeks to get notified. Onondaga County meetings were changed to 3rd Tuesday of the month based on one guy.
4 Committee Reports: No committee reports.

5 Old Business: 501C3 for Federal was submitted, now we wait 6-9 months. Got a letter that submittal was received. Also, NYS submittal was done (no charge from lawyer for that). Eugene thanked Russ for his efforts. Lawyer needs to be paid as bills are overdue. Got thank you letters from Fabius, Pompey and Lafayette After Proms and Lafayette Outreach. Need to order pancake tickets.

6 New Business: This year is going to be worse getting to trail work done as the corn is late and cutting hasn't started. Doing Stop stakes / signs before the corn is cut helps a lot. Discussed where to have board meetings (Knoxies, Lafayette Inn, Heritage Hills, Coalyards, groomer barn). Also, question was asked should we combine board and general meetings. Separate board meetings help us to catch up on bills, so we will keep separate. Plan 9/25 board meeting to be at Knoxies. Might be a conflict. Decided we should order fuel now as it may be cheaper.

7 Payment of Bills: No treasurer, so no bills paid. Tim has a couple checks he can send out.

8 Adjournment: Meeting was adjourned.